User controls

inside front cover

 REC BUTTON:  In User Recordings mode, press and hold REC to record into any of the six locations. The red LED will light during recording. To erase a location press and release REC briefly (within 1/2 second).
 MODE BUTTON:  Selects between factory supplied Built-In Categories or User Recordings.
 PLAY BUTTON:  In BUILT-IN mode, plays the next built in sound within the selected category. To select only the current sound, press and hold PLAY until you hear a beep.
In USER mode, plays the user recording in the selected position. A beep will play if nothing is recorded.
 SELECT BUTTON:  Selects one of six different Built-in Categories or one of six available User Recording locations.
 VOL BUTTON:  Selects one of four volume levels, from soft to loud.
 MIC IN:  This is the small hole under the VOL button. It is for recording your own sounds. Excellent results can be achieved simply by speaking into the microphone, or holding the unit 8 to 10 inches away from an audio source. Press and hold the REC button to make the recording.

frequently asked questions
Frequently Asked Questions About Operation:

Q: How much recording time is there for my own sounds?

A: There is a total of 56 seconds and each of the six locations can have up to 20 seconds of recorded sound. So for example you can have two 20 second recordings and one 16 second recording, or five 10 second recordings and one 6 second recording, or any other combination.

Q: After I record my own sound can I erase it and record something else?
A: Yes, you can simply record right over it or you can erase it and use that room in another location.

Q: How do I erase a recording?
A: Switch to USER and select the location with the selector dial. Then press the REC button and release it quickly as soon as you see the red light come on. You will know that the location is fully erased if it beeps when you press the PLAY button. Note that if you leave iChime pointing to an erased location it will play “Ding Dong” when the front doorbell button is pushed.

Q: Is there a way to erase all recordings at one time?
A: Yes. Switch to USER then press and hold the REC button. After you see the red light come on, press and hold PLAY along with REC. After about 2 seconds it will beep twice indicating that all six user locations have been erased.

Q: Can I use iChime as a door chime in my business when someone opens the door?
A: Yes. iChime will work with a variety of different devices such as a floor mat or door switch in order to trigger it. See our installation page for more information.

Q: How loud is it?
A: Very loud. iChime has been designed to be heard in an average sized home. Most people do not use the loudest volume setting. For larger homes, basements, etc., a auxiliary speaker (or even two) can be added.

Q: Why are all the built-in selections so short?
A: Most users want them that way – in fact 5-10 seconds is about optimal. Some people think that they want a whole song to play but when the doorbell keeps going off long after you answer the door, it gets annoying very quickly. We do have an advanced option to play any selection twice instead of just once.

Q: Does iChime come in any other colors?
A: No, not at this time.

advanced operation for power users
Advanced Operation for Power Users:

Q: Can iChime play a different tune for a Back or Side Door?
A: Yes, The back door button will always play “Beethoven’s Fifth” and cannot be assigned to any other built-in selection.  You can however set iChime to play the user recorded audio that is contained in the last selector position.  This is set by pressing and holding the back door button for at least 5 seconds.  The iChime unit will beep once indicating that this feature has been selected.  Each time the back door button is pressed the audio contained in user position 6 will be played.  Note that something must be recorded in the last position or a simple “Ding Dong” will be played.

Q: Some sounds are short.  Can I set it to play a sound twice?
A: Yes. You can have a selection play twice if desired.  Once the desired built-selection is heard, press and hold PLAY on iChime for at least 8 seconds.  After a few seconds iChime will beep once indicating that the current selection is to be played, continue holding PLAY and iChime will beep twice to indicate that the current selection is to be played twice.  This feature is reset when the selector switch is changed and PLAY is pressed.

Q: I’ve recorded several of my own sounds, can iChime cycle through them?
A: Yes.  If you have more than one recorded sound, you can set iChime to cycle through them.  In user mode, press and hold PLAY on iChime for at least 8 seconds. iChime will beep once indicating that this feature is now activated.

Q: I have it set to USER mode but all I get is Ding Dong! What’s up with that?
A: If iChime is set to USER but nothing is recorded, you will hear a beep when PLAY is pressed, but you will hear the default Ding Dong sound when the front door button is pressed.  This is a safeguard so that iChime will still act as a doorbell even if nothing has been recorded.


Additional information regarding batteries and power options

Question: I have a wired door chime system with a transformer, why do I need to have batteries?

The quick answer is that you don’t, but read on. The most convenient method of operation is to operate iChime on 4 “AA” batteries. However, it is also possible to operate exclusively on “line” power and here are the tradeoffs.

Battery only:

Since iChime can record your personal audio selections it could be important that the chime is operational when it is taken off the wall. iChime slides on and off the wall mounting plate just for this reason. If you are using line power only, recording would only be possible when the chime is on the wall. A set of 4 “AA” batteries contains enough power to play a 4 second audio selection on the order of 10,000 times. When iChime is not active it will consume approximately the same amount of power as an electronic wrist watch. This means that the “AA” batteries in iChime will probably last the shelf life of the battery which is quite long. It is for this reason that you should select a name brand set of batteries purchased at the same time. Mixing and matching batteries of different charges states or different manufacturers is not recommended. Often mixing batteries could lead to battery leakage which could damage the unit.

Transformer (AC Line) powered only

A typical door chime system is a series electrical circuit. When the exterior pushbutton is pressed the circuit is complete and power is delivered to the chime. Upon seeing power the audio selection will begin. However when the pushbutton is released the power will go away and the audio selection will stop. To overcome this it is necessary to insert a component called a “diode” across the pushbutton. This component allows power to flow around the now open pushbutton which will allow the audio selection to complete. In most installations installing the diode will require removing the doorbell pushbutton and attaching the diode across the pushbutton terminals.

Transformer (AC Line) Powered and Batteries

Operating from the “line” power does not extend the life of the batteries nor will it charge the batteries.  See the installation page for more details.