With Motion Detector

The MD-10 is a Motion Detector accessory for the iChime doorbell product. It uses Pyroelectric Infrared
Technology to sense motion and trigger the iChime when a person walks by.

motion detector


Step 1:

Insert the MD-10 into the back of the iChime as shown on the left, by inserting the 8 pin MD-10 connector into the black 8 pin receptacle on the back of the iChime.


ichime wallplate


Step 2:

On the iChime wall plate, be sure there is no screw where shown in the photo on the left, as this would interfere with the MD-10.




ichime with motion detector attached

Step 3:

Then simply slide the iChime onto its wall plate.

This photo shows the iChime with  the MD10 Motion Detector installed.


motion sensor adjustments


The MD-10 has two adjustments on its side, which can be changed by using a small screwdriver. These are factory preset and In most cases, no adjustments are necessary.

Avoid placement in direct sunlight, as this could cause false triggering.

DELAY – Set fully counter-clockwise by default. We do not recommend that you change this setting. Rotating clockwise will add a delay before the MD-10 can re-trigger the iChime, up to about 5 minutes.

RANGE – Set to the midpoint by default. Rotating clockwise will increase the range of detection to up to 20 feet (easier to trigger). Rotating counter-clockwise decreases the range down to about 3 feet (harder to trigger).