With Magnetic Door Switch

Triggering iChime with a Magnetic Door Switch

iChime’s pre‐programmed sounds as well as user recorded or downloaded songs can be used to announce a visitor whenever the door opens. A magnetic door switch, part #MSW-38, with “normally closed” contacts is required.

ichime with magnetic door switch

Operation Description

The magnetic switch with screw terminals is mounted on the wall and wired to iChime. The magnet is
mounted on the door. When the door is closed (magnet next to switch) the NC & COM connections on the Magnetic switch are not connected. When someone opens the door the contacts will close, simulating the pressing of a doorbell button. This will trigger iChime and announce your visitor with your chosen sound or music. If the door is propped open, the switch will remain closed. iChime will only trigger again after the door is closed and then
opened again.

iChime Power Options when using a Magnetic Switch:

Option #1 – Batteries
Use 4 top quality alkaline batteries and they will last a long time.  In this case, just install batteries as usual and connect the switch to the P and T terminals as shown below.  iChime will trigger when the switch closes.


Option #2 – 9 to 12V DC wall adapter
Use a 9V to 12V DC wall adapter (500mA or more) connected to the F and T terminals as shown below.  Be sure to connect the Positive side to the F terminal. Please contact us for recommended wall adaptor.


Option #3 Power from a standard bell 16VAC transformer
To power with an AC transformer, place a 1N4001 type diode in series with the transformer to the T terminal, and the other end of the transformer to the F terminal.  Upon request, we will supply the diode in an insulated package to use for this purpose.


Static Precautions

When using iChime with a simple pushbutton input or a magnetic switch connected to the “T” and “P” terminals it is advisable to add a 0.1uF capacitor to the terminals to assist in absorbing any static charge that may be presented when the pushbutton is pressed.


This component should be readily available from any electronic supply shop.  Through the Internet at Digikey.com the part number is 399-4329-ND.

Insert the Capacitor in the same “T” and “P” terminals as the wires as shown:


Installation Example

ichime with magnetic door switch


The picture to the left shows iChime mounted directly above a door with a short wire connected to the magnetic switch. In this case, the magnet is mounted on the underside of the door frame. In cases where the door is flush with the wall, the magnetic will be mounted on the wall, with its screw terminals on the top.