iChime is very easy to install in existing or new installations. It comes with a separate wallpate that attaches to the wall for making the wiring connections. The main iChime unit easily slides on the wallplate and can be easily taken off when programming your own sounds

B: Back Door Button
F: Front Door Button
T: Transformer
P: Pushbutton for non-transformer operation
SP: Auxiliary Speaker Connection
SP: Auxiliary Speaker Connection
Follow the wiring diagram on the wallplate (shown to the left). If your existing doorbell has two wires, install one wire to the “F” terminal and the other wire to the “T” terminal. To test, slide the iChime product onto the backplate and press the doorbell button.If you have a backdoor button, follow the wiring diagram. In this case there will be three wires to connect: “F”, “T” and “B”. and the “P” terminal is not used.
The iChime product does not require a standard bell transformer to operate. You can connect the doorbell pushbutton directly by connecting the wires to the “T” and “P” terminals. Follow the diagram located on the wallplate.

frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions about installation

Q: How can I load new sounds when it is mounted on the wall?
A: There is a backplate which mounts to the wall with screws and anchors that are included. The wires connect to that. iChime can then slide easily off the backplate so that you can take it to your PC, iPod or CD player to load and test new sounds. It then can slide right back in place on the backplate.

Q: Are batteries required?
A: You’ll probably want to take iChime off the wall when recording a new sound. To do that, batteries are required for operation. In addition, all electronic doorchimes need a source of power after you release your finger off the doorbell pushbutton. Using batteries makes installation much easier.  If you prefer to power iChime exclusively from your transformer, please make on note on your order form and we will send you the necessary part and instructions.  You can see details here. 

Q: I had a wireless doorbell that kept draining batteries. Won’t that be a problem?
A: No. A wireless doorbell is constantly consuming power because it must always “listen” for the radio frequency code sent from the doorbell button. This causes the batteries to die quickly. Since iChime is not wireless, it only uses power when it is actually making a sound. So 99.9% of the time it is taking no power from the batteries at all!

Q: Is the doorbell pushbutton included?
A: No, but any standard button will work. We do stock and sell one on our ordering page.

Q: Can I used a lighted doorbell button?
A: Yes if you have an installation using a transformer.  The transformer will light the button, not the batteries in IChime.

Q: Is an additional speaker included?
A: No, but any standard 4 or 8 ohm 1/2 Watt (or greater) speaker can be used. We also sell extension speakers on our ordering page.

Q: I have a front, back and a side door on my house. Can I use more than two buttons to ring iChime?
A: Yes. The back door input plays a different sound. But you’ll have to wire two of them together so you won’t be able to tell which one of those was pressed.

troubleshooting ichime


 Troubleshooting Tips


Q. Why is it that when I press PLAY all I hear is a beep?
A. It is likely that the “Built in/User” Switch is in the user position and the user position has not been recorded. The solution is to switch to the built in selections or record a selection to be played.

Q. When I press PLAY why do I hear a beep then the selected tune?
A. This is a diagnostic that is indicating that the outside doorbell pushbutton is stuck in the closed position or the wires going to the doorbell pushbutton are shorted together.

Q. I have a front & back door. The front works but the back does not, why?
A. It is possible that the “F” and “T” wires are not on the proper terminals. With a front door only button it does not matter which wire is connected to the “F” and “T” terminals. Since the back door button shares a common connection with the transformer it may be as simple as switching the wires on the “F” and “T” terminals.

Q. How do I select just one sound effect from the group?
A. Press and hold PLAY until a beep is heard. The last effect played will be locked in until either PLAY is pressed and held again or a selection from another category is played.

Q. When I press and hold REC the red light does not come on, why?
A. Make sure it is switched to USER. If it still does not come on, maybe the memory is full. You will need to erase some other locations to make room.