Introducing iChime® – the world’s most versatile digital doorchime

♦ Includes dozens of built-in songs and sounds
♦ Fully recordable to play anything you want
♦ Records live, or from your CD or MP3 player

Change it for holidays or special events – Ringing your bell will never be the same  …

      • Halloween – Play scary creepy music or make it scream!
      • Holiday – Greet your guests with music of the season
      • Special Occasions – Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Graduation
      • Animals – Cow moo, Duck quack, Dog barking – anything you want
      • Sports – Play your college fight song or announce your favorite team
      • Chimes – Traditional Ding Dong or Westminster and a lot more
      • TV or Movie – Load your favorite theme song or catch phrase
      • Music – Download Abba to Zeppelin or anything in between
      • Give your home a voice with unique doorbell chimes

sounds included in ichime
Click here to listen to ALL the songs and sounds that come included in iChime

hear what our customers sayWhat our customers have to say:
“cool doorbell”, “kids love the funny sounds”, “Mommy the doorbell is talking!”, “way cool”, “more than a novelty”, “the best electronic doorbell out there, by far”, “it’s like a singing telegram whenever someone rings our bell”, “ringtones for doorbells”, “musical, personalized tunes, I love it”, “recorded my own music to greet guests”, and more…

'ding-dong' not good enough for you? Check out the iChime customizable doorbell: wire it up to your doorbell and play one of dozens of included songs, or connect up your mp3 (or digital voice recorder) through the headphone jack and record anything you want to use as a doorbell chime: your dog barking, a shotgun being racked, blasphemy, potty humor - the world is your oyster. The iChime delivers hours of fun for all the family, plus you can add an extra speaker in another room so everyone can get in on the endless mirth and amusement.

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