Introducing iChime® – the world’s most versatile digital doorchime

♦ Includes dozens of built-in songs and sounds
♦ Fully recordable to play anything you want
♦ Records live, or from your CD or MP3 player

Change it for holidays or special events – Ringing your bell will never be the same  …

      • Halloween – Play scary creepy music or make it scream!
      • Holiday – Greet your guests with music of the season
      • Special Occasions – Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Graduation
      • Animals – Cow moo, Duck quack, Dog barking – anything you want
      • Sports – Play your college fight song or announce your favorite team
      • Chimes – Traditional Ding Dong or Westminster and a lot more
      • TV or Movie – Load your favorite theme song or catch phrase
      • Music – Download Abba to Zeppelin or anything in between
      • Give your home a voice with unique doorbell chimes

What our customers have to say:
“cool doorbell”, “kids love the funny sounds”, “Mommy the doorbell is talking!”, “way cool”, “more than a novelty”, “the best electronic doorbell out there, by far”, “it’s like a singing telegram whenever someone rings our bell”, “ringtones for doorbells”, “musical, personalized tunes, I love it”, “recorded my own music to greet guests”, and more…

Springfield IL
I was going to invent one of these but iChime works even better than I imagined!

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